What is the 1. best caliber, 2. type of bullet for CONCEALED CARRY that can punch through barriers and obstacles.?

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    1 month ago
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    Generally speaking, a CC handgun is for self-defense against humans and something about 9 mm or 38 caliber would be indicated as your primary target is human flesh, not barriers and obstacles.

    If you are looking to pierce solid objects, you'd want a holster pistol and would start at 9 mm and work up.

  • John
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    1 month ago

    There is a difference between defense versus combat.  If you lived in a house in the country and were "visited" by a group of people with ill intent, you would want a combat weapon.

    Often, just pulling a gun on someone who wishes you harm is enough to make them back off.  In the event of having to use the weapon, you are looking at close range shots.  While the .357 Magnum 125 grain load has been touted as being the best round available, it belongs in the combat category, not self-defense.  Your aim (no pun intended) should be to disable the person, as opposed to killing them unless the threat is very great.

    The combat scenario is a possible "shoot out" where barriers would be encountered.  The self-defense scenario is different, so a less powerful handgun that can be carried concealed is in order.  Any sort of bullet designated for that purpose (usually indicated on the box of ammunition) will suffice  

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    Barrier penetration should not be a primary criteria  for concealed carry.  Concealed carry personal defense situations are typically within a few yards and face to face (not behind barriers).  Most importantly, those situations can be anywhere, including places where a superior ability to "punch through barriers" would not be desired and cause unnecessary "collateral damage".

    That said, most personal protection rounds will penetrate most barriers you would encounter in a defensive situation. The primary criteria you should be looking at is terminal ballistics and your ability to draw shoot the round quickly and accurately under stress.  

  • C T M
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    1 month ago

    The rumor goes something like this:

    "The 357 Sig caliber was designed for the Secret Service to breach barriers and windshields easier."

    When in fact, the truth of the matter goes something like this:

    "Due to the 357 Sigs natural ability to defeat conventional barriers and windshields, the United States Secret Service chose it as it's main sidearm caliber."

    Source(s): And what did we learn from todays lesson.
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    1 month ago

    Tough question Marion C. You have all the signs of an offensive tact rather than defensive. I believe I`ll pass.

  • WayneH
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    1 month ago

    Not a good idea.  Period.  You can hit an innocent person.  One of the basic rules of self defense is "Know what is behind your target".  9mm or .45 ACP are the best for self defense using hollow point ammo to prevent over penetration and possibly strike someone else.

    Take a firearm self defense course and learn.

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