How judge judy works?

This is how judge judy and all other Tv judges operate.

The legal limit is $5,000 of value, half or less than half of small claims court.

The cases are not considered lawsuits, or cases, they are considered Arbitration.

The producers of the show foot the bill, and then sue the defendants themselves in real court, (if) the defendant doesn't pay the producers for the funds that they gave to the plaintiff...

If the producers lose, they CAN fire the TV Judge and sue her for awarding money that the producers can't recover because the plaintiff didn't have a winnable case in real court.

The plaintiff agrees to the arbitration and can longer pursue the case...

But there are exceptions, though few.

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    1 month ago

    You’re half right. It is arbitration instead of an actual court case. This means the loser won’t have a judgment on their record. The producers pay the judgments, plus each person gets an appearance fee. They do not sue the people in court to recover their fees. The cases are not always decided fairly though. It’s all about good TV and ratings rather than following the law.

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    1. The producers don't sue the defendants in real court, and the defendants don't pay the producers.  The producers pay both sides for appearing on the TV show.  The money to be paid by the defendants, if any, gets taken out of the money that the producers would have paid them for being on TV.

    2. Even if they couldn't fire the judge, they wouldn't, because they make millions off the TV show, so it's worth losing $5000.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your lack of knowledge is staggering.  The ceiling for Small Claims Court in MY State is $5,000 - If the parties come from a State where it's $10,000, that's the limit.  It isn't an automatic $5,000.

    They are lawsuits SETTLED BY ARBITRATION.  They aren't "arbitration" (whatever that means).

    You are absolutely incorrect about the producers suing the Defendant.  First, the Defendant doesn't always lose.  Second, the award comes out of the appearance money.  I'm sure you haven't read the contract.

    Your entire "if the producers lose" thinking is a fantasy.

    There are exceptions to a contact?  I'd like to hear them.

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  • 1 month ago

    No, that is not how the Judge Judy show works. The producers do not sue the defendants or the TV Judge. The producers put up $5,000 to pay the award. If there is anything left over, the plaintiff and defendant split it.

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    This is how this forum works - people ask questions and other people answer.

    It's not a chat room for you to post statements that no one cares about. 

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