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How does Montag react to Clarisse’s disappearance? Why do you think Montag reacts this way, and what do you think happened to Clarisse?

Fahrenheit 451


H ow does Montag react to Clarisse’s disappearance? 

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    Sorry, but your teacher wants to read YOUR  answer, not ours. Please read the book, as assigned, lazybones. FAIL

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    Oh, he reacts very well to her disappearance. Very positively. He owed her money, you see, and he plans to spend the sum he was going to pay back to her on sweets and cigarettes. Clarisse didn't actually disappear; she and Montag were playing a game of hide 'n' seek and she found a place to hide that was so good she just stayed there, starved to death and was eaten by rats and wild dogs. Sad, yes, but these things happen, I'm sure you'll agree.

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