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how do i stop a period cramp?

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    If we talk about woman's health, according to some health experts the women's health is a bit unpredictable & complex than men's health cycles. The natural condition such as childbearing to menstrual flow to aging this natural occurrence will liable to affect the intimate health as intimate health considered as 1/3rd of the overall health cycle.The vagina is considered as the most sensitive & vital organ of a woman's body which plays an integral part in the reproductive system as well as sexual pleasure. Vaginal laxity is a common condition faced by women mostly after post-pregnancy, were woman's unable to find any sensation during intercourse to prevent that we adopt different vaginal tightening procedures.Many of use do believe that your vagina doesn't need any precaution it's clean itself. It is true that a vagina is a self-cleaning machine, but maintain its functionality we should adopt a good hygiene routine. One of the best we to tighten or rejuvenate the vagina is through natural ways, adopting pelvic stretch exercise & a proper healthy diet it's the best combination towards getting a healthy vagina.* Practice safer intercourse  * Kegel exercise  Drink more waterAdd yogurt in meal* A regular check-up with a Gynecologist  * Keeping your vagina clean  * don't use chemically made products  * Use herbal v tight gel ( products  * Treat Infections When They Arise  * keep yourself hydrated Sources:

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