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How should I ask my mom to stop mentioning my sister (see details)?

If it matters I'm a guy, 32, living alone. My sister and I aren't close, as is the rest of our family because we all have different fathers. My brother and I are closer. My sister has criticized me for being unsentimental before but I pay it no mind because she always winds up being a hypocrite. That is exactly what happened, she didn't wish me a happy birthday when I have been at least sending a text every year to her. I'd be direct with my mom and use that as the reasoning, but she has a big mouth and will go right ahead and tell my sister I said that. So what should I tell my mom to have her stop mentioning her EVERY conversation without saying anything too critical and stooping down to my sister's level? I really have no bad feelings for her but if we want space from each other so be it.

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    I wouldn't mention anything to your mother.

    As you have said, you all have different fathers....therefore, your Mom just doesn't have good judgment.

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