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If I like movies like "Death Wish", "Mad Max", "First Blood" and "John Wick", what other movies would I like?

So basically, I love movies like "Death Wish", "Mad Max", "First Blood" and "John Wick", where hard men are wronged by powerful opponents and go out and get bloody revenge. If I like these movies, what other movies would I like that are in the same vein?

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    You would like most movies with Steven Segal, such as Dark Vengeance, Siege, Driven to Kill, Marked for Death, and there are dozens of others. He is a master of martial arts and a decent enough actor. Since you liked John Wick you would probably enjoy him in the Matrix and the whole series. Other good action movies, Taken, The Grey, The Enforcer, all of the Indiana Jones Movies, The White House is Down, Blood Sport, Kill Bill, The Karate Kid, Fists of Fury, Rush Hour, Shanghai Knights, Mechanic, The Accountant, The American, Crank, The Expendables, Death Race, Run All Night, Training Day, The A Team, 13 Hours, True Grit, The Quiet Man, (it only has one fight but it is a doozy), Pulp Fiction, , 

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    "Point Blank" (!967) and its remake "Payback" (1999) have a pro robber betrayed by his pal and his wife and left for dead. He seeks revenge against them and fights against the Mafia. They based upon "The Hunter' a 1962 novel by Richard Stark (alternate pen name for Donald E. Westlake) that is first of a series. "The Count of Monte Cristo" also about revenge, are several movie versions for decades. 

  • LilyRT
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    1 month ago

    Dirty Harry


    Get the Gringo


    13 Assassins (slow at first.  but the last 45 minutes or so are solid action)

  • Kurt
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    1 month ago

    Walking Tall (1975)

    Hard To Kill  (1990)

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  • Kyle
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    1 month ago

    Taken 1 / 2.  3 is questionable but worth a watch to complete the trilogy

    Jack Reacher is a good one.  not a pure revenge movie, but still a great thriller

    Sicario is a good one.  benecio del toro plays a covert op working with the CIA taking on the war on drugs, and has a personal vendetta against a drug lord.

    I would also throw in The One - Jet Li.  not bloody in the sense of your movies.  but good martial arts sci fi action for a revenge movie.

    The Foreigner - Jackie Chan.  very against his normal character type that has great martial arts going after bombers that killed his characters daughter.  

    The Last Samurai - Tom Cruise. i would say that qualifies where he gets revenge against his former commanding officer after attacking innocent native americans and fights for a new cause.

    Unleashed - Jet Li. another great martial arts film where he's treated like a infant or dog mentality but a brutal fighter. eventually grows mentally when he escapes until forced back into fight, but takes things into his own hands.

    The Accountant - Ben Affleck.  he's an accountant for criminal organizations while still hunting down people responsible for his mentor's death. not overly bloody like john wick but a great thriller. 

    Shooter - Mark Wahlberg. former Marine Sniper who is left for dead after a mission gone wrong and goes after a conspiracy.  

  • Imp
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    1 month ago

    A ClockWork Orange.

    Lord of the Flies. 

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