I have magnets & it sayWith 95lbs Pull Capacity Each-Dia 1.26 inch-w i want to ask will more magnets sideTOside have even more pull Capacity?

would i get any more pull Capacity of a higher weight by having more magnets side by side? if not where can i get stronger magnets i think 300 Pull Capacity would be good i only need then to hold 4 lbs but the thing is there will be a Alumawood between the magnet  and the steel. the thickness of the flat pan Alumawood cover is like . 024, or . 030 gauge thicknesses.i had tested the magnets by putting a flat steel bar on top of Alumawood flat pan roof and the magnet under to see how strong will it be it was some what strong strong but i'm sure it lost some pull strength do to the Alumawood being in between and the Alumawood has a wood  texture design on it. so it's not a flat surface that why i was wondering  if i add more magnets side by side would that it give it a higher weight pull Capacity like double or quadruple the amount  if not where can i get a magnets with 300 of pull capacity i will still need to put 2 on each side 2 and 2 like the pic  it going to hole up a shop light on are flat pan Alumawood patio the flat steel bar would get rust but i have a can of pray cam of Olympic waterguard spray. or i can use spray paint it with  Rust-Oleum

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes, if the "flat steel bar" is stiff enough.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Not placing them side by side, must place them apart far enough to limit their magnetic fields interference and be sure align their polarity properly. Yes, adding more magnets can increase the pulling force !

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