Is having a child of your own worth it? ?

Me and my boyfriend are talking about marriage. He has two younger children and I have non of my own. He can no longer have and does not want any more children. I am 5 years younger than him and we have come to a breaking point in our relationship. Move forward with him and learn to love his children as my own and not get to have one for myself. Or separate from him and try to find someone who can give me children in the future. I love him and do want to marry him but I am afraid I will regret not having a child in my future. Both of us have been married before and I want to make sure my next marriage is forever. I know I have the capacity to love children that are not my own from my many years in child care. I’m just scared. Parents or non parents, I could use some advice. Thanks 

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  • 1 month ago

    There is not another person in this planet who can make this choice for you. The fact you are afraid that a longing for a baby of your own might crash this marriage is a good reason not to marry him. I decided to join the "Zero Population Growth" movement  when I was still a teenager and never did want to have a baby. Clearly could not wed a man who did want to have children. But, in my 30's, I wed a man with two sons and I think my life has been enriched and blessed by them. Also challenged. If you want a baby, stepchild will not fulfill that desire. Your boyfriend's children have a living mommy who, I suspect, they live with. She'll be their mommy, not you.  As a step mother,  you would still be making sacrifices for the rest of your life for the benefit of his children. You need solve this on your own! 

  • Audrey
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    1 month ago

    Think about a sperm donor. You deserve to have a baby of your OWN!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You want it forever, not when he has kids already and you want one too. Not going to be good. Go find a guy with no kids and want one with you.  This kind of baggage no one needs.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    yes..u need your own baby. he allready has two.....u can never love them the same . and will feel so sad he didnt have a baby with u. it will bother u... if hes there with u . definetly try. yes worth it 110percent. also make sure his children spend as little time with him rofl send to the mother asap. xD jk

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