What extra thing a real estate broker can do that a licensed real estate sales agent can't do?

Maybe it would be better to ask what is the difference but I know that Brokers have some more power and experience but I want the details. I want to know what is the list of things that they can do while a normal agent can't do. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    The main difference is between owning the brokerage, or not. Brokers who do not own the brokerage have no more power than a licensed agent in that brokerage. They can call themselves a broker while the agent cannot, but they cannot charge commissions or collect them.  The broker who owns the brokerage does that.

    Calling yourself a broker can carry more weight with prospective sellers and buyers. A certain level of experience as an agent, along with additional education, is required to become a broker.  That extra experience and education does not, however, give the broker that has their license held by the broker that owns the company, any extra 'right' to do things that an agent can't.

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