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Would yahoo answers have been used on Sept. 11th by victims like on hijacked planes?

For example with people have been believed if they posted on yahoo answers if it was around then things like “ I’m on a United flight out of Boston and it’s been hijacked we’re headed towards Washington please help“. Or would this have just been dismissed as a troll? 


Also how would Facebook have been used? Would people be riding on Facebook that they’ve been hijacked and saying their goodbyes? If in the World Trade Center would people be riding on Facebook I’m in the trade center and it’s burning please help save me? 


With yahoo answers I’ve had questions from people in the trade center like how do I avoid burning to death and a high building, how do I get down the stairs with the flames? 


So serious question how would modern day Internet have been used if it was around on September 11 including yahoo answers?

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    If smart phones and airplane mode computers existed as much as today, all sorts of contacts could be made, although the hijackers probably would have stopped such contacts, if they saw them.

  • 1 month ago

    no planes fly too hish to get phone signal dumbаss

  • 1 month ago

    i think its possible, i wasnt on yahoo answers till yrs later

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