A soldier from WW2, Vietnam, and Korea got together. What would they say to each other with regards to how more tough their war was?

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    --  Each war had its differences. The soldiers would have to compare weather, terrain,  what sort of soldiers they fought against and other factors.  

    --  WW-2 was fought in two main regions, Europe/Middle East and in the Pacific with jungles. Europe was much cooler in summer and cold in winter, but rarely hard snow and North Africa was sandy, hot in the day and cold at night. The three Pacific theatres (the China-Burma-India, the Southwest Pacific and the Pacific) all had jungles and tropical weather.

    --  Korea was cold and even had hard snow and was fought over mountain ranges.

    --  Vietnam was fought in a monsoonal country with regular rain and plenty of rubber plantations, some jungle and many open rice fields. The enemy was often the ordinary rice farmer or could also be regular troops of the PAVN.

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    We don't talk about it and never compare war is war and None of us wanted to be there

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