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Best ar 15-22?

What's the best ar15-22 was looking at the m&p 15-22 and the h&k 416, but was wondering if anyone has one and could give some advice 

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    Depends on what you want.  Neither uses true AR receivers, so you cannot interchange them with actual 5.56/.223 AR receiver parts.  From what I heard the h&k 416 22lr is accurate

    There are three basic ways you can do it if you want to shoot .22lr on a platform that is similar to the AR-15.

    1. Use a bolt/chamber insert on an existing AR upper (Glacierwolf's suggestion).  Advantages: Cheapest option.  Disadvantages: Shooting .22lr that wants ~1:14 twist out of a barrel with 1:7-1:9 twist affects accuracy.  Sights/optics mount on the upper are calibrated for 5.56 and will not align with .22lr POIs.

    2. Buy a dedicated .22 LR AR-15 replica (like the 15-22 or 416-22).  Advantages: Sights/optics mounted specifically for the .22lr.  Reasonably accurate for a plinking gun. Disadvantages: More expensive.

    3. Buy/build dedicated AR upper (using actual AR receiver, parts and .22lr chambered barrel). Advantages: Same as #2, plus share the same trigger, grips, bipod, ect. when attached to a AR-15 lower that you are training with. Potential for most accurate  Mixed: From just slightly higher to #1 to much higher than #2.

    I ended up doing #3.  I started with an economical Chiappa M4-22 Upper and it worked fine, but then built my own based on a CMMG barrel/bolt assembly. 

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    Save yourself allot of trouble - go buy a real AR-15 and then buy the 22 conversion kit.  That kit is considered a decent upgrade and a desirable accessory. 

    You drop big $$ on a 15-22....... it will always, always, always be a 15-22.  You can not make it into a real centerfire AR for love or money. 

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