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How often do renters vacate a dwelling and leave a mess behind?

Last week I vacated an apartment. I feel bad because I left a mess behind. I accept accountability and accept the fact that I probably won't Get my security deposit refunded .

Time got down to the wire and there were simply more tasks than I could handle. There were no friends/family for me to enlist that could have helped me .

I feel I did the best I could. I am only one person , and to take on a huge moving project was overbearing.

I moved across the country ( relocated) So the fact I was not moving right down the block, is what made it impossible for me to return the next day and clean thoroughly ( before handing in the key)

I left some living room furniture behind

 ( a couch and three small tables)

Also a handful of other miscellaneous personal belongings, I left behind.

I had no time to clean the bathtub, toilet , kitchen sink, stove / oven , refrigerator etc as again I was pressed for time and had to be at the airport due to the relocation.

My question is : Does it happen often, that renters and even home owners leave behind a mess and not clean?

Willfully / intentionally because they are upset over the fact they are being evicted or foreclosure?

Or even just innocently in my case- simply being overwhelmed and running out of time?

Most importantly- Do I need to feel bad about it? I feel like I let myself down , along with my apartment manager. And my mom won't be happy either... Due to the fact she was the cosigner on my lease.

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    about 60% of the time.

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    I lived in a place where everybody just left their stuff and moved out with only what they could carry.  Yes, it does happen quite often but that doesn't make it right.  Be advised if your security deposit doesn't cover the cost of clean up, you will be billed.  The landlord at a place I was at just started suing people as soon as they moved without giving them a chance to pay, he said that was because if someone moves out of state, you never will collect your money, so don't expect to be given a long time to pay.

  • 1 month ago

    Im not a renter but I have bought and sold multiple homes , I have never left a mess for the new owners. I shampoo the carpets , wash the windows  in / out , clean the appliances , clean the garage and basement and mowed the yard it is move in ready .

  • L
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    1 month ago

    This happens more times than not.  At least you already know you won't be receiving your Security Deposit back.

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    Most people at least sweep clean the apartment and empty it. If your Mom is a co-signer of the lease, I hope you didn't leave prior to the expiration of the lease or she will be legally responsible for the months remaining. I would not use this landlord for a future reference.

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    I've NEVER left a mess behind.  I'm an adult,  not someone who trashes things.  I wasn't brought up to leave a place looking like a dump.

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    Too often and the landlord will charge the person to dispose of the junk they left and to clean the property and as it takes time for them to do that it stops them renting the place immediately so they are losing their income for that time it takes to remove junk/clean.which means it is very likely you will lose some or all your deposit and if the landlord has had to hire removers and cleaners you will pay for that

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    Well, you are supposed to leave the unit in the same (or better) condition as it was when you moved in. You are correct in that you probably won't be getting any of your sec dep back. You might even receive an invoice if the total cost of repairs  & clean up exceeds your deposit.

    To answer your question, it happens quite often that tenants leave a mess behind for the landlord to clean up.

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  • Darla
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    1 month ago

    It happens more time than you would like to think. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I did. I underestimated the time needed to move and clean up the old place. They kept the deposit. I wish I would have got it back but I just judged the time wrong.  I bought a house and probably won't move again despite the area slowly getting worse. I don't feel bad because it probably cost them less than the security deposit to clean it up.

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