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Help - I've been badly scammed by media company?

one of those companies that sell photos,  shuttershack or something.

well i brought 6 images,  and when I zoomed in on them,  they began to get 'blocky'.

this to me tells me they're garbage images and fake.

why is this happening to my images ? I have written a lengthy angry email demanding a refund.

instead they wrote back a lengthy angry email explaining the 'blockiness' of the images when zoomed in x number of times.

why is nobody understanding my point ??   the point is,  the images when zoomed IN ON,  no longer can be recognised.   I see maybe two,  maximum two colours.  So wheres the frigging image gone ????

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  • 1 month ago

    You need to convert the images to svg format to prevent that blocky imaging.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    if this is not trolling and you're genuine,  I am starting to think the problem is you and not them.

    when you zoom in on an image, it begins to lose its smoothness.

    It all depends on its resolution.

    the higher the resolution the more you can zoom into an image without the image losing its smoothness.

    I find it strange nobody has demonstrated this to you or why you're not able to understand this concept.   No wonder they're angry. 

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