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Financial aid help?

I am applying for financial aid and I have applied for a couple that cover 100% of my tuition. Hypothetically, what would happen if I qualified for both? Would I be able to use one and have the other refunded to help cover other college expenses so I don't have to take out a loan? I am confused on how it would work so any help is appreciated. Thank you :)


These scholarships are based on academic merits which I have worked hard to achieve. There is no set amount of students who can receive them, it is just until funds run out.

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    Here's an idea:

    Go to your local community college and work on your comprehensive reasoning skills.  When you understand that NO ONE could possibly know the policies of these scholarship without knowing the specific scholarships, consider transferring to a university... But wait don't transfer yet, wait until you realize that even if we did know what scholarships these are, all the rules may not be public so we can't answer your question. 

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