Clarification on LED Lights under car legal in the state of Georgia?

Alright so I received a set of LED lights that are meant to go under your car. I looked online to see if it was legal to have LED lights under your car in the state of Georgia and it said it was. After reading more into it though, the website said that blue, red and green are prohibited colors because it could mistake your car for an emergency vehicle which I totally understand, but does that mean any sort of variation of the colors? Could I do a really light blue? Also why green? As far as I know, no emergency vehicle uses green as their lights. I really just need some clarification on what I can and cannot do so I don't get a ticket for it. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! 

2 Answers

  • Ron
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    blue red and green. why is that hard to understand? No you don't get to put baby blue or kelp green lights

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    States vary, but the basics are usually no red, no blue, and no green. In Georgia in particular they prohibit violet which is too much like blue. And, if you missed it, license plate lights must always be white. Amber is usually OK in most states because that's common for side marker lights on trucks and trailers. 


    So, the restrictions are not just about emergency vehicle colors (red, blue), traffic light colors (red, yellow, green), turn signal colors (red, amber) and tail light color (red). 


    You CAN use these colors for show purposes only on a non-moving vehicle not parked on a public street or road, and on vehicles being driven in an authorized parade. Any flashing, rotating or strobe-type light requires a special permit. 

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