I sit a mistake to take Charlie Sheens work and try to improve it?


Like trying to win at life?

Update 2:

He failed somehow despite millions, Hollywood fame, and women, 3 wives,  and all the drugs in the world.

Update 3:

Is it inherently a bad idea to attempt this and talk about attempting it? 

Update 4:

specifically WINNING at life 

Update 5:

am I destined to get AIDS or cancer or something?

Update 6:

millions, Hollywood fame, and women, 3 wives, and all the drugs in the world, a pool, Ferrari, cool job/notoriety, -DEPRESSION + AIDS

Update 7:

How the fcuk do u do that Charlie 

Update 8:

At least we can all feel better, thanks Charlie ! You made everyone else win 

Update 9:

"You made everyone else win" Like the ultimate back hander / positive thing to say to a loser 

Update 10:

to cheer them up 

Update 11:

Its ok Johnny, look... you made everyone else win

Update 12:

xD Gum is the best part of your day 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    .........cheers. chew gum at work tomorrow

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