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Should I ask?

I got braces at the start of my freshman year and got them off by the end of it. I'm now a senior and I'm still undergoing treatment because my bottom teeth shifted, but it was because I received retainers that didn't support them correctly. My orthodontist has been trying different ways for years now to try to get it back in place and nothing's working so I might have to resort to having braces again. It would still be part of my treatment of course since it's not my fault that my teeth are reverting back to the way they once were. But since I'm a senior, I rlly don't want to have to go thru the brace stage again so do you think asking my ortho if I could have lingual braces is a stretch? I don't want to be paying extra for any special type of brace but since he is being held responsible for my teeth shift do you think it's worth a shot?

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    Explain that you don't want the "braces" look at your age; ask him if he can do the lingual braces. All he can do is say no! BUT even if he puts regular braces, don't be self consious of them- well you MAY be, just don't let others know you are! 

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