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Does mental illness run in my family?

I have ADHD and social anxiety. My Older Sister has Autism and some other condition I forgot. My Mom definitely has a panic disorder. My youngest Sister has ADHD too. My Mom's Parents were alcoholics and showed signs of abuse towards her. Is Mental health condition running in my family? It seems we all got some mental illness.

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    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you have a happy life. Don't let anybody tell you you aren't important. When I was going ,through suicidal thoughts I had stuff to do. You know? These, type of, things you don't talk about. Its like blowing out a birthday candle. You're not supposed to tell people what you wished for or else it won't come true. I guess what I am trying to say is live a full, happy life. Try not to focus on petty lifestyle people have tossed you in. I know what you're going through because I have been there. Just try to become better than yourself from yesterday. A quote goes "try not to compare yourself to others today, but to yourself from yesterday". If you keep trying to be a better you, then no matter what anybody says matters because you're completely your own person. You're not what people have tried to force you to become. You can be yourself. Also, you can probably see that my grammer and writing style is a bit incohesive. I learned that I probably have a disorder too because my mind is in the fight or flight state for so long. Its what happens when you grow up in dysfunctional family.

    Oh btw, I think my little brother has autism too. I definitely know how you feel. He went to special ed classes in school. I love him tons

    Try not to think about how your grandma or grandpa treated your mom. You have to let that part of life go. You have to live for yourself. You could become a good example for your parents. Another quote goes "give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a life time". I don't want you to grow old, have kids and repeat the same thing your parents probably did to you. They should have been there to care for you. To teach you how life is. But it doesn't sound like they did and it's probably not their fault because they probably didn't have any body to teach them either. Teach your kids how to fish.

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