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Will Kimmel put a Trump flag in his yard because Trump provided the prison reform needed to undo Biden's vicious crime bill ?

that threw Blacks in jail in mass, permanently funded Black college and opportunity zones in the inner cities where Biden and Obama forced Blacks to attend the worst public schools in the nation, and Trump provided jobs so Blacks, Hispanics and women got record low unemployment rates while Biden and Obama supported US jobs leaving the states with deals like NAFTA?  Or is he just another entertainer hoping not to be Black listed in Hollywood or targeted by BLM to be beaten and his home burned?


My old friend,

As a racist pig, you can disagree with Trump's prison reform, 

permanently funding Black colleges,

putting billions into Black education and opportunity zones,

and bringing Black, Hispanic and women's unemployment rates to their lowest points ever...because you are a racist pig and refused to pick all the websites that say that Biden's crime bill threw Blacks in jail in mass.

Just because you have 47 years of Biden's record of being a racist 

doesn't mean I can't point that out.

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  • 1 month ago

    Fact check: Was the 1994 crime bill a primary driver of mass incarceration of African American men?  https://ballotpedia.org/Fact_check/Was_the_1994_cr...

    Fact Sheet: Trump Says One Thing and Does Another on Criminal Justice:


    Why do you continue to boldface lie?

    Bill Clinton was referring to how far the country has come to elect a black or African American president.

    I believe Donald Trump stated Unite The Right which included then White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to the President Steve Bannon were 'very fine people' and the current administration has had more than 11 people exposed as white supremacists including Trump himself whose been caught retweeting at least four white supremacist accounts, including one account that was unambiguously called “whitegenocidetm” and previously posted a video of a supporter yelling White Power from a golf cart.

    Source(s): 'People have gone to the suburbs, they want the beautiful homes, they don’t have to have the low income housing development built in their community, which is going to reduce, which has reduced the prices of their homes, and also increased crime substantially.' - Donald J. Trump
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