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Why did our Founding Fathers create the Electoral College to protect America from tyrants?

I.e. The tyrants in California & New York.

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    Because they were educated men and understood from their knowledge of Western history that there must be safeguards against mob passions that can occur in any society.

    The history of the West is replete with examples of such passions destroying countries.

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    It was a compromise. The small population states didn’t think it was fair for the bigger states to decide every election. So as a way to prevent big states from deciding every election, the electoral college was created. By banding together, the small states can overrule the big states. 

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    The Electoral College was made to give each state a fair say in who is president.  What a lot of people do not understand is that it is the states that vote for the President.  People in each state vote for how that state is going to vote.

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    Your question makes the ASSUMPTION the electoral college was to 'protect America from tyrants'. That is nonsense unless the electorate is considered a tyrant. In a democracy. EVERY vote should be equal. Anything else is a corruption of democracy. It is unjustifiable that voters in a few states should have votes that are worth MORE than any other voters. Maybe, historically, the tyrants in those over-represented states made a corrupt deal to back a particular candidate in exchange for disproportionate representation. It is time true democracy was established in the USA.

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