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Am I wrong?

So me and my girlfriend have been together 2 years and we have a 1 year old son together. So my issue is one of her friends I feel is a bad influence on her. Her friend does cocaine and drinks and drive. One time they went out together and I had to go pick my girlfriend up because her friend was driving extremely fast and reckless. And my girlfriend texted me saying “I love you just in case I don’t make it home”. That automatically upset me because we have a son my girlfriend needs to be there for. Then just last night her friend was involved in a fight that my girlfriend ended up getting involved to have her friends back. As we know not everyone fights nowadays a gun could’ve easily been brought out. I feel like her friend always puts her in these messed up situations! I’ve tried telling her she needs to reevaluate their friendship but I end up being the bad guy. What should I do? And am I wrong for not wanting to stick around until she realizes what I’m telling her? I feel like that’s not something I want to be around or want my gf around especially since we have a little boy we have to raise? We’re both almost 30 and I’m just not living my life like that. What do y’all think? 


How Should I go about this? 

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    If your gf doesn't care about you or your son enough to listen to what you are saying, I'd dump her and make a stable environment for yourself and your son. Sad to say it, but she's almost 30 not a teenager and should realize actions have consequences. If having fun with her friend is so important to her that she risks jeopardizing her own safety to do it, she isn't a good partner for you or caregiver to your son.

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    How come she has to spend so much time with that friend, rather than you?

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    SEE!i told u EVERYone has baby :[ everyone is gaslighting me so bad

    no u are not wrong. sorry i just think everyone has baby. its so embaressing.. anyways tc

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