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Dealer damaged my brand new truck 2 days after purchase. In attempt to fix warranty issue. Now they refused to do anything. ?

After two week of them having me driving up and down attempting to fix it I started speak to corporate which they spoke to the dealer. After several more attempts of trying to fix a door and damaged the paint. Corporate said that the dealer will no longer take me a customer. After they admitted to the damages. And not other dealer wants to attempt to fix the truck. Because of the previous damage by the other dealer that not covered by warranty. The truck is now 2 months old. corporate pretty much said to look for external resources on my own. Because they can’t force dealer to do warranty or fix the damaged they did. Any suggestions trying to leaving attorney as last resort.  

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    Contact the manufacturer and see if they can get the dealer to fix it. 

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    1 month ago

    All dealerships have a license. You need to find out what state department issued that. Then you write to them. The state will investigate. Or, you could go to Small Claims court. No lawyers. Just you & the dealer (he can not send a lawyer to represent him). But, your limited to the actual cost & that has to be under $7500.

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    So you sue them for the cost of repairs.  

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