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My husband and I work out together, he lost a ton of weight and I didn't, why?

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    Because what the two of you were doing has worked for him but not worked for you. You'll need to try something different.

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    Because you're stilling eating too many calories.  Weight loss is 80% diet.  

    A tough reality is that the bigger a person is, the more calories they burn through exercise and the more calories they can eat and still lose weight.

    Calculate the calorie needs of your body at your goal weight and use that as the basis of your daily calorie consumption.  Cut carbs and portion sizes.  Don't snack. Don't eat after 7 PM. Try intermittent fasting.  Keep working out.

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    80% of fat loss is based on diet, not exercise. Men naturally have more muscle mass in their body, which means they burn more calories daily (and when they exercise). His calorie burn was likely much higher than yours, although since we don't know anything about your metabolism or body composition we can only speak in general terms about that. 


    You didn't mention what either of you ate or how your diets during that time compared, so if he was also eating at a great calorie deficit than you were, that would also lead to him losing more weight.

  • Men tend to lose weight faster then women. Also men have more leaner muscle mass then women, which burns more calories even while resting. 

    On average, women have between six and 11 percent more body fat than men, an assumed evolutionary adaptation to help during pregnancy. From puberty to menopause, women maintain more average body fat than men -- even when they take in fewer calories.

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    Likely more thorough, daily exercise.

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