Can phone repair people see my data when fixing my phone?

So I have a Galaxy s10 that needs repairs. Stupidly, I was very careless with this phone and it needs quite the fixer-upper. I need the front screen, possibly the back screen repaired, as well as internal issues. I have large black spots and "dead zones" on the screen that don't respond at all to touch (I know, it's in pretty bad shape, and it's 100% my fault). I don't have anything illegal or weird on my phone of course, but there are definitely things I wish to keep private and not let anyone else see. So my question being If I take it to my local repair shop what is the standard protocol? What can or can't they see or have access to? My biggest concern is the internal issues they would have to fix, unlike a screen repair I'm a bit cautious that internal repairs could lead to more access to the person fixing it.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Normally, all a repair tech does is fix the issue, make sure the phone boots up like it's supposed to, shut the phone off, put the phone in the pickup box, and move on to the next repair.

    Now, people being people, you get the odd nosey person, that likes to explore. So if you have pictures or videos of yourself or others you don't want strangers to see, we'll, human nature being what it is.... You have no control over what that oddball random tech may or may not do. Nor would you even know if someone does decide to look at or copy things you'd like to keep hidden. 

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