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Are my thighs getting bigger before getting smaller?

I started swimming again and then my thigh gap is starting to close. I also just finished my period but I'm worried swimming will make my legs fatter? Are they gaining muscle before losing fat? I swim at a high intensity

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    oh no I totally feel you

    I remember I spent a whole summer working my *** off to get skinny and have a thigh gap and then only a couple of weeks after I went back to school and water polo started my thighs started getting bigger

    I think its because they become really muscular bc sports need lots of leg muscle

    but for me I wanted my legs to be slim and I wanted to maintain my thigh gap so I decided to diet while I played just so that even if I was gaining muscle I would be losing fat so it sort of cancelled out

    it was definitely hard but I wanted thin legs so I was okay with eating less and suppressing my appetite to stay small

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    No way we can know. Some naturally have a gap due to the way their body is put together, but it's nothing to strive for if your body isn't naturally made that way. Swimming will make your whole body more toned. Swimming doesn't produce fat (over eating does). 

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