Who played on The Hit Sound of the Everly Brothers album.?


Does anyone know the personnel for the The Hit Sound of the Everly Brothers album, particualrly House of the Rising Sun? The organ on that is absolutely fantastic but there's no info I can find on who is playing it.


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  • Danny
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    1 month ago

    The guy could very well have been Alan Price, but the sound is definitely Hammond organ. Their B-3 and C-3 series were legendary for it, most often using a "twirling" Leslie speaker - and still are, for those still willing to lug the things around. The gold standard for rock organ was Jon Lord on a C-series. 

    Since, the core sound has been fairly well represented by a number of electronic keys/synths, like Korg's. Not the same, but quite good enough and way more portable. Meanwhile, and a very long while, the song has been covered by dozens of name acts and thousands of bar bands. It can even be done without keys, with really strong guitar. (It's a great jam tune for a 'player.)

    Personally, while I have a liking for the Everly Bros. that goes back to when they were new. I feel their cover was too slow and an overreach for the feeling. But that's just me.

    So how 'bout some links...

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammond_organ ...


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    Source(s): Playing 'House since the Animals did it.
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