Why are so many people at work so petty when sending email replies to you?

Like making sarcastic replies like "thank you for the quick response" when you send an email to them despite late (especially if I know I am in the wrong there lol). 

Other people would just say "thanks" in one email without proper formatting once they have what they need from you. Yeah, it doesn't look professional and they still have the energy to show you their emotions or whatever frustrations they have towards you. It's just funny and unnecessary.

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    1 month ago
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    I agree, there's no reason to be rude or sarcastic, especially at work.  They don't send emails at my job though.

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    Being a fool you probably don't realise that replies like the one you mentioned are diplomatic and friendly.

    I believe when sending or receiving a reply to an email just one word such as 'Thanks' is pretty petty.

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