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Help with spider infestation ?

I live in a basement in a old house. The house is durrounded by Ivey and weeds. The yard is a mess. Anyway in my small apartment I’ve been seeing more and more of those large black jumping spiders. 

1. We’ve sprayed

2. Called and exterminator 

I’m sick of every time I’m in the kitchen eating, one of those nasty little monsters crawls onto the table out of nowhere. They’re on average about the size of a US quarter. I have a few mysterious itchy bumps on me from the last week 


There’s a dried up creek near the house. The apartment was very cheap, the owner lives upstairs and doesn’t really care about the infestation 

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    spiders can't jump. they have too many legs and would just trip over themselves. 

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    You're going to have to go on a house cleaning and yard cleaning rampage.   Get that yard cleaned up.  Ditto with the house.   Don't give them anywhere to hide.   Ortho Pest Control is effective, go to Lowe's and buy that and a pump sprayer, and do your own spraying.   Especially around the windows.

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