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I can't stop thinking about my doctor.. how do i stop thinking about him comforting me??

Ok, Im going to try to make this not sound so weird. I had a medical procedure recently I was lightly sedated and I remember my hand fell off the table and was dangling. I was very relaxed and my doctor put my hand back on the table but he held on to my hand for what felt like a minute it was definitely longer than just real quick. I feel that I am having some kind of care giver feelings towards him. I have seen him 3 times for the same procedure. I remember feeling his hand and I just remember after I thought it was sooo nice and special and I felt like someone actually cared about me and my health (if that makes sense). I also want to say that me and the doctor have the same medical condition and he has told me about the treatment he received so he is very personable. I also want to say that the condition that I have is rare and not a lot of people understand it. So i kind of felt like that's why I'm just replaying it in my head because me and him have that in common, i don't have like a crush on him per say in fact i think he might be gay but i feel like I'm getting more friend vibes than doctor patient ... which i know is risky too:/. then after the procedure he came to check in and he recommended a couple of other medicines to try and then he rubbed my head/hair. I don't get any creepy vibes i really just think is cares about his patients but it just meant a lot to me but i do want to stop thinking about it already, any tips

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