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bunny got the tip of his ear (about 4ish cm) ripped off by a dog and im afraid he might die from stress?

so my bunny was attacked by a few dogs yesterday while in his outdoor pen. about 3-5cm of his other ear was torn off, and when we noticed this, we took him straight to the vet where they just gave him some antibiotics and pain killers. im not scared about the injury itself, it was seen early by a vet and she didnt seem too worried so im not either, however im worried about how my bunny is acting.. hes normally very social and affectionate with me but now hes distant and really numb. hes only laid under the table and stared out into space with semi wide eyes, breathing heavier than usual.. when i try to pet him, he either doesnt acnowledge me at all or turns completely away so id get the hint. hes been drinking water and moving slightly, hes went from the cage to under the bed a few times, but i dont think hes eaten in a while, atleast not to my knowledge.

i know this is really early to be worried about, this is hopefully 'normal' in this kind of situation, but im still so worried since ive heard that bunnies can die from stress. is there anything i can do to help him calm down? 

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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    You are correct stress kills more pets than the injuries they get after an accident/incident and your rabbit has been traumatised by this incident....... one thing you can do is keep him quiet and secure in a darker area so he feels safer and gently touch/rub his 'good ear'.....ears have accupressure points that work to stop an animal going into stress, relax them ( and also to help them come around quicker from sedation after an operation)

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