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Do D1 Athletes REALLY have to follow this rules? ?

I see a lot of D1 athletes say they can’t post photos of them in a bikini on Instagram and be “sexy” because they will be cut from the team ir it’s against collegiate athletic rules. Is this really true? I’ve heard of no alcohol pics and that makes sense (sort of) but these girls specifically said “I wish I could post cute photos of me in my bikini But I am a D1 athlete so I’m not allowed to so you’re really lucky that you’re not a D1 athlete.” 

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    Yes, they really have to follow the rules.

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    The NCAA is rarely congratulated for its logic and uniform enforcement, so a "better safe than sorry" approach is certainly understandable.  Think about it, a picture of a young female in a Disney "Princess Jasmine" costume from 5 years ago could easily be considered "racist" today.

    My guess is that the ones saying this are just being overly cautious and/or don't go to a larger university with high-profile men's football and basketball programs.  I think it would be difficult for a school to rigidly enforce a "morality clause" on female athletes' vacation photos if drug and domestic violence arrests only warrant one or two-game suspensions in other sports.

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