Massage Therapists: how can I get a hard, deep massage w/o the therapist going light on me as a female?

I was an athlete forever. Im solid and to really give me a good massage, you have to not be dainty. I've said this near verbatim to female masseuses & they say they are starting light to loosen and then will go harder, yet their definition of harder leaves me unsatisfied. The last woman who gave me a good, deep, massages that addressed my issues worked at a physical therapist's office and she moved out of state leaving me with these dainty little gals.  I dont want to get gipped as I lay waiting for the real massage to start and end up with 4 minutes left and getting a whack, baby touch of my areas. What do I need to say and what's a nice way to tell them, what they are doing isnt getting it? 

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    You can ask for a male massage therapist. They tend to have stronger hands. But they are right about starting off gentle. If they use too much pressure without relaxing the muscles first, it can cause a lot of pain or injury. Ask specifically for a deep tissue massage. 

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