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is it okay to eat 600 calories a day?

i want to lose weight(is not obese so idk if this would be more dangerous)

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    That's a question for your doctor, not random adolescents on the internet.

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    Yes...+ 600 more + 600 more. 


    600 calories is starvation. You cannot consume all the nutrition your body needs in 600 calories, nor is that enough to even support your body's daily functions (since it burns calories 24 hrs/day). When you don't supply your body with enough fuel, it turns to its own tissues for that (stored fat, muscle, etc). 


    Muscle lost is not real easy to regain, and the more muscle you lose the slower your metabolism (which means you gain weight more easily than before the muscle loss). Yes, it's dangerous and foolish to starve yourself (and you don't get the results you want).

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    yeah when im trying to get thinner I'll eat around 400-500 a day so 600 should be fine just make sure you drink water and also listen to your body and if you start having issues or something dont keep doing it

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      No it's not ok to eat only sic hundred calories a day. That low a level is classed as an anorexic diet. I've been reading diet and nutrition research papers long enough on my own time to be able say that there's no possible way to meet all of the many essential nutrients. I could put a very low calorie diet together, however it's very restrictive, and still exceeds six hundred calories. A one thousand calorie can do it, but that requires a lot of work to do to hit all of the nutrients.

    Also such a low calorie diet over time, will invariably do damage to the organs of the body. However that does take as long as some might think. In fact the damage done is at a faster rate, and in some cases, can be irreversible. Weakened bones, heart, as well as kidney damage, to name some of what can happen. 

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    No, as far as I know 1200 is the bare minimum for a small woman, men you are looking at 1500 minimum.

    This also depends on your current weight and level of exercise that may increase these further.

    At 600 calories you may lose weight but will not get enough nutrients to avoid malnutrition.

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    No. Regardless of your body type, age, sex, or whatever, I would not recommend eating 600 calories a day.  It's not sustainable.  I'm trying to lose weight on 1500, which some would argue isn't that much, especially since I'm an athlete.  Try eating at least 1000.  

    Ultimately, if you want to fast and stuff, that's your choice.  I can understand sometimes lowering the calories you take in by a drastic amount because losing weight can be frustrating. Just make sure you have a plan. I recommend eating smaller meals that are spaced out throughout the day. 

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