Are tanks outdated because of all the logistics involved?

I read one article that showed all the work they had to do after a war to remove and recover all the broken treads and so forth. So what is the purpose of a tank that they would accept the costs that go long with it?

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  • Kerri
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    1 month ago
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    Tanks made their first battlefield appearance in WW1.  It took some time to figure out that tanks needed infantry and infantry needed tanks to be effective on the modern battlefield.  Tanks do have a huge logistical requirement.  Tanks offer firepower, speed, and the protection of armor.  Another feature of tanks is the shock value.  A 60-ton vehicle that is looking to kill you is extremely scary, even if it doesn't have any ammunition.  The effectiveness of tanks also depends on terrain.  On the Northern European Plain of WW2, they were extremely important.  In the dense jungles of Vietnam, far less valuable.  Recently the US Marine Corps has announced they are ridding themselves of tanks because they expect to fight on terrain that will not require tanks.

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    No. If your tanks track breaks all the time then you either have a terrible maintenance program or your tank is rubbish. It is not a conceptual problem but an individual maintenance and design issue. Yes, tanks have a big logistical cost, it is not such that renders the role of the tank obsolete. Can every country be able to pay that cost? no of course not but that goes for any piece of military equipment.The role of heavy cavalry is one that has existed for thousands  of years for a reason. Today is no exception. 

  • Bill-M
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    1 month ago

    Tanks are outdated because of the Apache Attack Helicopter and the A-10 Wart Hog.

    Ask Saddam Hussian what happened to all his tanks.

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    The main battle tank is a massive system to ship around the world.  It requires large and expensive equipment to haul it around and recover it when it breaks down.

    The Army is developing a smaller, lighter tank, small enough that a C-17 can transport 2 of them.  

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