If the council order the path outside the property to be repaired, should the workers have their own power source for their jackhammers ?

And grinders? The cord is using the power connected on the outside of our 4 apartments. Who pays for that power? The power point is near our door, but anyone in the apartments can use it


It’s a private company doing the repair work. But under council orders. Our drainpipe is being replaced but the council included the immediate path next to it as part of the job we pay for even tho that’s their responsibility.  

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    1 month ago
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    Take picture, send them a bill with the picture, you got nothing to lose. About $600 should cover access to your property, using the power and they must be using the water. I was talking to some older guy and council charged him $268 for mooring his dinghy overnight and he used his pension card or it would have been over $400.

  • 1 month ago

    yes they do they have their own portable generator or petrol powered concrete saw 

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    1 month ago

    The footpath is generally the council but pipes under it can be the property.  The power source is billed to the Owners Corporation which is the owners. The power source is not for use by tenants. It is for use by the caretaker and anyone else conducting authorized work on the property. If you really wanted to you could send a photo to the Owners Corporation ( Body Corporate ). 

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