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My anxiety medicine is different color and the pharmacy said they out of the one i use for months?

I take Xanax and they ran out of 2mg yellow and they gave me a white color and I haven’t taken it. Waiting to all my doctor tomorrow about this. No pharmacy carries what I use to take. I’m nervous on what to do. I don’t want to take something I never took in 8 years 

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    Considering it's a controlled substance you can be pretty sure the pharmacist isn't going to want to mess that up. But you're right to double check if you're not familiar with it and don't know the implications.

    When in doubt you can describe the pill to Google and you'll get the name of the drug and dosage. You can dig for additional information from there. The white rectangle that says XANAX on one side and 2 on the other is the real deal, the brand name version of your alprazolam marked with R039. They are interchangeable, same drug, same 2mg dose.

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    You're right to worry.  Your pharmacist has years of training and experience and is clearly not capable of replacing one pill with another safely.  So what pills are you taking for your overwhelming stupidity I wonder.

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