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What should I do about my parents not letting me come to see family if my sister is there?

My sister is an adult bully. She has bullied me for years and I finally got mad at her a year ago. Now she hates me more then ever. As a result I am not allowed at anything my parents have if my sister is there. I complain and they say "please, we are just trying to keep the peace". Last year I couldn't even come to Thanksgiving when everyone was there and had to visit after my sister had left which was after most the guests were gone so I got screwed. Same deal Christmas Eve though my Dad let me come a little earlier there. 


I feel like my sister screams enough she gets her way. It hurts me and makes me resent her. What do I do about this? 

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    Go anyway. Say that you and your family should not be living around what one person wants. If your sister is the one causing problems, then she needs to be the one uninvited, until she learns some manners. Your parents need to take control of their lives again. But don't listen to your sister, let her say or do whatever she wants, and either ignore her or get funny. You need to emotionally distance yourself from her. You can only control your actions, not hers. I hope she grows up one day <3

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    see them when shes not there

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