What is the value of b so that the ratio of 5 to 16 subtracted from b is equal to the ratio of 9 to b subtracted by 8?

I know the answer. Just need to know how to get the answer with helpful explanations. Thank you!


Solving Linear Equations

The answer is: 26

Explanation given: You may have obtained 9(x-16) and 5x-8 from distributing 5(x-8)

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  • Pope
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Very awkward wording, but here is what I make of it.

    b - 5/16 = 9/b - 8

    16b² - 5b = 144 - 128b

    16b² + 123b - 144 = 0

    I could continue with that, but no way is that what was intended. We need a clear statement of the problem.


    The answer in your update indicates grouping parentheses which were neither stated nor implied in the problem statement. Maybe that was how the problem was given to you. We have well-defined algebraic notation for good reason. Expanding the equation into a rhetorical statement makes it less clear, not more.

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