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Military MOS questions ?

I'm looking to join the National Guard here soon out of high school. Looking to maybe do the ROTC program and become an officer. Are there MOS's in the National Guard that would essentially have me based near my hometown or state for the most part. And if so, what would they be?

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    EASY TO ANSWER... Contact the NAT GUARD base near your home and ASK THEN what they have openings for.. GO THERE AND VISIT THEM.. DO NOT DEPEND on a recruiter to give you the truth.. '

    Different units have different jobs and different school requirements. NOT ALL Jobs you can get with no HS DIPLOMA..

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    when you join the national guard, you join a specific unit, your not based anywhere.

    so you will be assigned to what ever national guard unit you enlist into.

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    Every state has a slightly different mix of units in the National Guard.  This means you should look at units that are near where you expect to live.  If you want to join ROTC -- pick a unit near the college you will attend.  You CAN join any unit you want if they will take you.

    When I started a job in Indiana, I remained in the Washington National Guard in order to do a 3-week Annual Training in Korea.

    Look at the types o units that are within a 1 hour drive.  That will be much more convenient than going a long distance.  Find out what MOS they have open an if any interest you.  TAKE A LOOK AT THE UNIT AND TALK TO SOLIERS THERE.  Find out if they like it an what they do.  You won't be as happy in a poor unit or in one with substandard leadership.

    The Army WILL allow you to be enlisted in the National Guard at the same time you are in ROTC.  During your weekend drills you will be paid as an E-5, so you get more money there also.

    Once you become an officer, you will be assigned a Branch (like an MOS, but for officers).  You will go to Basic Officer Leadership Course for your Branch.  That is where you will learn your job.  After BOLC, you are a fully qualified officer.  Again, you can join ANY National Guard unit if they will take you.

    My branch was Infantry.  when I completed BOLC, I joined an Armor National Guard unit.  Later, I moved and joined a Transportation unit and attended Transportation Officer Advanced Course.

    Soldiers in the National Guard will often have multiple MOS if they stay in for a long time.  Even officers can have multiple branches.  As long as the unit needs you and is willing to send you to the training to get qualified, you can hold the position.

    Whether you stay near your hometown is up to you.  If there are no openings within about 100 miles you will NOT be required to join a unit (you won't be paid either).  For promotions to higher enlisted ranks or more senior officers, you may be expected to transfer to a unit farther away.  Officers rotate out about every 2-3 years.  If you stay an officer for a number of years you will end up in different units.

  • Bill-M
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    National Guard Units are state based and under the control of the Government of your state.

    So If you Join the National Guard it will be in your state and not some other state.

    If there is a National Guard unit in or near your home town that is the unit you will be in.

    You go to the Nearest NG unit to sign up.

    As for MOS, makes no difference.   Pick something you like doing that will give you training and experience for a good paying civilian job.

    If you plan on being an Officer, don't worry about Which MOS.  MOS are for enlisted.

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  • Anonymous
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    NG is state based so whatever state you join in, that’s the state. If there is a NG unit near you, speak to them. You can be drilling now and then go to BCT and AIT after you graduate.  

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    You are sent where you are needed, regardless of MOS.  Your hometown is irrelevant 

    That being said, the NG is a state controlled entity.  But you  don’t really get a choice as to where you are assigned as an officer.  

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