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part 2 babies?

How did the Columbian Exchange affect slavery in Africa?


It stopped the slave trade by some European countries because it wasn't profitable.


It had little effect because most European countries had outlawed slavery.


It encouraged slave trading in areas where it had not existed before.


It greatly increased the slave trade that already existed in Africa.


In which of the following ways did the European conquest of the Americas affect life in Europe? Select all that apply.


European churches were influenced by Native American religions.


Population increased with the introduction of crops from the Americas.


Many Europeans moved to the Americas as Europe's population increased.


Some European social structures were modeled after Native American civilizations.


Look Marli, I'm not asking for the answers, I'm asking for an explanation/information for each that can guide me to get the answers for myself.

Update 2:

The title is actually supposed to be "Impact of the Columbian Exchange Quick Check part 2", sorry guys

Update 3:

Bluebell read my first edit

Update 4:

Bluebell that was an accident, and I reposted these questions under a different and new title name. Go to that

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    Jesus man nowhere did I say I wanted the answers or for someone to do these for me, I just wanted some help/guidance/information lol

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    Either read your course materials or tell your teacher that you don't understand how to do your homework and prefer that other people do it for you.

    I ain' Mammy the Slave an' you ain't  Miz Scarlett, Child.  You gotta do the work.

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    What are "part 2 babies"?

    EDIT TO ADD:Weg, it can get confusing when the OP posts among the answers. If you have something to add, click on EDIT and post an Update. It'll appear right under the original question, where anyone looking at the question will see it immediately.

    But I'm afraid I still don't know what "part 2 babies" means.

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