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Write an equation that describes the position x of a particle in relation to the time t?

A particle moves in a circle with a radius of 0.4 m, with a constant speed of 0.8 m/s.

I was asked to find the frequency and period.

2πr=2*3.14*0.4 m =2.512 m

T= 2πr/v = 2.512 m/(0.8 m/s) = 3.14 s

f = 1/T = 1/3.14 s = 0.31847133758 rotations per second

Now I need to write an equation that gives x in relation to time t, supposing that in t=0, the particle is on the positive side of the x axis.

I'm really confused here, how do I write an equation for this?



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Update 2:

@Other Anonymous

Sorry can you clarify how you got X = V/(sin (ω*t))

I'm a bit lost with these stuff and want to understand how to solve these type of problems in general?

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    angular speed ω = V/r = 0.8/0.4 = 2.0 rad/sec  = 2*PI*f

    f = 2/(2PI) = 1/PI Hz

    T = 1/f = PI sec 

    PI being equal to 3.14159....

    X = V/(sin (ω*t))

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