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Chemistry help?

Hi, my textbook only gives me the answers but I was hoping someone could explain the steps when answering these questions. Thanks

1. Complete the following equation showing the main organic products. You do not have to balance the equation but all organic compounds should be shown in structural form. If no reaction occurs, write NR.

a. propan-2-ol+KMnO4 →

b. pent-2-ene+HOH and H+ →


2. Show by means of equations how you could convert propan-1-ol to propanoic acid

3. Show by means of equations how you could convert but-2-yne to 2,2,3-trichlorobutane

4. Arrange the following in order of increasing boiling point and use bonding theory to explain your reasoning:






5. Calculate the percent composition of the elements in 3-chloro-2-methylbutanoic acid

6. 5.00 g of methanol are mixed with 20.0 g of octanoic acid and allowed to react to form an ester. If the reaction has an average yield of 75.0%, what mass of product should be formed?


Thanks in advance

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    propan-2-ol+KMnO4 = CH3OCH3 propanone or acetone 

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