What Should I Do? (Refer To Past Questions Asked)?

This past Friday some **** went down - an old highschool friend went out of her way and drove her *** to my bf's house to talk to him and his entire family about **** I did earlier in the year, while my boyfriend and I were not together. (No, I didn't **** anyone and no, I didn't kiss anyone either). Mind you, this "friend" hadn't spoken to me in ten weeks after she didnt reply to my messages - we are both twenty years old now, and for her to out of the blue go to my bf's house (she did this because she has a bipolar disorder and she literally flipped a switch on me after I asked her how she was doing, and asked her, "I thought we were going to improve our communication :/?"). 

Long-story short, my bf's family DOES NOT want me around their house anymore and they absolutely hate my guts.. but my bf wants to keep dating me.. in secret.. he is 23, and I am 20. 

He said he wants to keep me a secret his family can accept me again.. or until we move out of state.

What should I do?..

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2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Why does everything concerning your so called boyfriend turn into a mess? First the nudes and prostitutes meeting, then the two hour drive and one hour wait to abandon a police report. Now enters this lunatic your so called boyfriend apparently invited upon himself and his family causing problems for you. You're better off focusing your attention on your military friend, seriously, consider it.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You guys are adults, why is his family dictating who he dates? That's not good. Also, time to not have some toxic people in your life, so maybe stop giving a girl with BPD ammo to throw at you when you and her get into it.

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