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When will Trump put the hammer to these protesters that are burning our cities coast to coast? Protesting is unAmerican. Agreed?


Honestly I say he needs to send the armys sharp shooters and pick em off 1 by 1. 

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    people riot cause they were treated fairly 

  • Jas B
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    4 weeks ago

    Because cities are not burning coast to coast, in fact Time looked at all the protests and found that 93% of them have been peaceful.

    So when will Trump listen to the people and do something to stop the racism and corruption in the police force.In 2019 in the US the police killed 1,146 suspects, in the UK it was 3, in Germany it was 11, France it was 26, in Japan it was 2, in Canada it was 36, in all four Scandinavian countries it was 3.

    Are you seeing a pattern yet, if the police forces in the rest of the worlds modern democracies can arrest people without killing large numbers of them why can't the American police?  You do love to tell the rest of the world how you are the best at everything.

    So why is it beyond the US to have a police who are not out of control and act as judge, jury and executioners?

  • 4 weeks ago

    95% of protests have been peaceful.  Tell Putin I said hi, you troll.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You posted this same thing too many times back to back, you're clearly a spammer troll.

    The only question is which one. 

    Source(s): I'm guessing "libcrusher" libssequesterfromfacts"..etc
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