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Why do I get small amounts of vaginal bleeding after bowel movement?

After my bowl


I notice some blood when I wipe. It is only a little. I know

it  is

coming from my vagina and not my anus. Can someone explain this to me? what should I do? I have an IUD btw.

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  • D_21
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    4 weeks ago

    You could have a retroverted uterus maybe? If the bowel movement is placing pressure on your IUD....I think you should consult your gynecologist. I think it would be good to use a noninvasive imaging technique to get a better idea of what's happening inside of you. Out of an over abundance of caution it may be wise to remove the IUD.

    There is a slight risk of uterine perforation with IUDs. My other thought is possible minor fistula or fissure. Either can be treated by a healthcare provider.

    See a doctor!

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