Simple... What organ is at the top of the intestines?

Okay I have a simple question here... What organ is at the top of your upper intestines?? I ask because I have dealt with abdominal problems for the last 8 years that doctors are still trying to figure out. And my most current doctor at the Stanford GI clinic is not the most helpful. I stupidly said I thought my stomach was at the top of the intestines, however I was wrong. She gave a little laugh and told me no, that was wrong, but she didn't correct me and tell me the right answer... I do have a sister who's a doctor but she's pretty busy so I thought I would just post the question here. I tried looking up pictures online but nothing is complete in pointing out every organ in the body... Gall Bladder? Pancreas? LOL... I'm sorry this might seem like a silly question, but when having whatever condition this is, with similar symptoms to IBS, gastritis, gastroparesis (aka slow digestion that they thought I had at one point), etc etc... But I have pain 24/7 and I told them when I had a colonoscopy the 1st time, when the test/camera hit the organ at the top of the intestines, my abdominal pain shot up. Nothing further was investigated regarding my statement with the first GI specialist I had years ago at a different hospital. She just said basically "A colonoscopy can hurt"... I was under conscious sedation and nothing hurt till the end.. I was disappointed with the doctors remark. So what is that organ?? Any links to full anatomy diagrams? Thanks!!


I'm also asking this cause maybe I'll discover other tests they could be doing, even though in 8 years (and 2 different hospitals), I've had roughly 22-25 tests already done...

Update 2:

You can no longer reply to peoples answers??  That is weird.... It's not the Diaphragm, that is way above the intestines.  And it's definitely not boobs, that's not an internal organ LOL... I finally found a totally complete picture with words pointing to each thing and I think it's the colon??  Someone can tell me if I'm correct please

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Diaphragm it assists in breathing 

  • 4 weeks ago

    The boobs..............

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