How would the royal family honour a guard who died protecting them? ?

I am writing a book and want to know what they would do - ie dedicate something to them? Thanks :) 


If it happened like now and was taking a bullet for the Queen :) 

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  • Marli
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    4 weeks ago

    John Brown, Queen Victoria's Highland Servant (That was his job title), subdued a young man who shot at her. He was given a medal and ... I  think he got a pay raise. I am not sure about the raise, but Queen Victoria liked him a lot and honoured him several times.  If you read "Shooting Victoria" by Paul Thomas Murphy, you will find she was shot at several times.

    I don't know of anyone who died while protecting the current Royal Family. They were negligent about protecting the Queen when she rang for them to arrest a man who got into her bedroom.  Princess Anne was nearly kidnapped when she was a teenager. Gutsy girl resisted being pulled out of the car.  King George and his consort (the Queen Mother) took up pistol practice during World War Two.

    The only person I heard about who died protecting his head of state was a policeman, Leslie Coffelt, on duty at Blair House in Washington DC.  President Truman and his family resided there while the White House was gutted and rebuilt. A couple of Puerto Rician gunmen attempted to enter and there was a shootout.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Rather depends on the circumstances, the Queen dedicated a chapel to a former bodyguard (the chapel was built by his parents) but he was actually killed on active service at the close of WW2 by a roadside bomb.

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