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I need a parents point of view on my situation. Can someone help me? ?

My boyfriend and I aren’t married yet but we’re living together. He’s older than me and he has 3 son’s ages 23, 19 and 17. In my opinion, they are adults. Well, my boyfriend is really bad with money. He never has any savings because he doesn’t spend his money wisely. Well, he’s on a cellphone plan with his 3 sons and he pays the plan for all four of them every month. The problem is that when he doesn’t have enough, he always looks for me to lend him money. For example, his bill is due on Tuesday so he needs to wait until Friday when he gets paid. So he tells me to help him pay the bill and he pays me back Friday. He has always payed me back but it makes me uncomfortable to do this since I’m not on the cellphone plan. Shouldn’t he tell his sons to help him out instead of me? Why do I have to rescue him when he has three grown up sons who are using the service along with him? He has never once told his sons to pay. He feels bad asking them. I have lend him money almost every month but I honestly don’t think it’s my responsibility and I’m sick of it. He got mad when I told him I didn’t want to help anymore because it’s becoming a habit for me to always do it. He told me it’s more for his sons than for him, but they’re not my kids. They have a mother and father who should pay for them or make them grow up and start taking responsibility to help pay. Should I continue lending my money?

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    All three of his boys are old enough to have at least part-time jobs, the older two potentially full-time (unless they're in school). Your bf is babying them. Frankly I'm amazed that the 23 year old hasn't noticed his aging father struggling to make ends meet and started pitching in all on his own.

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    well...they are old enough to get their own cell phone plans..but the fami;ly plan is cheaper...but clearly this is not something that needs to be discussed...just demand..its either you or your cell phone that came out weird...but there ya go

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