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A ball with radius r=0.22m is submerged in syrup at a depth of 4m. What is the total force from pressure acting on the ball? ρs=1370kg/m3?

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  • NCS
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    1 month ago

    force = pressure * area

    F = ρgh * 4πr²

    F = 1370 * 9.8 * 4 * 4π * 0.22² N = 3.3e4 N

    due to the syrup alone.

    If you need to consider the atmospheric pressure as well, then

    F = (1e5Pa + ρgh) * 4πr²

    Of course, the NET force is zero because these forces act symmetrically.

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    1 month ago

    There is no force from pressure acting on the ball under these conditions.

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